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Remote Monthly PC Maintenance
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Personal Computers have become very powerful fun and useful. No longer are the days when you buy a new PC and it will run smoothly for years. Today's computers must be maintained in order to keep them working properly.


Remote PC maintenance is becoming the way for professionals to help users without making costly home visits or you taking the PC to a shop for help.


Our Remote Monthly PC Maintenance service must first be setup during the initial In-House PC maintenance service.


If you sign-up for the remote service, during the initial visit I will set up your PC so it can be accessed remotely from my office at a scheduled time and date.


For security and privacy reasons, you must be at your computer to allow me access at the scheduled time. It is just like I am sitting at your keyboard during the needed maintenance process. You can see everything I am doing as if you are sitting next to me.


By accessing your PC remotely I can also help trouble shoot PC problems at anytime it is needed. An example would be if you have a problem installing or uninstalling a new or old program. I can find the problem remotely and do the installation for you without having to make a home visit.


After the remote session is over you simply close the connection and I cannot access your PC until you allow me access. It is like closing your e-mail and having to log-in again.


The cost for Remote PC maintenance is $150 pesos monthly.  Don’t forget this includes helping you during the month if problems arise. You simple call or e-mail for a scheduled remote session.


Please let me know in advance if you need to reschedule the remote session to another time or date.