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With an online store you can sell your products or services from your website. Receive credit card payments using PayPal immediately after a purchase is made.


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Website Video Production
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Add Video To Your Website:

Dramatically increase website traffic to your business.

Online businesses and Internet marketers are recognizing the tremendous benefits that video generates when used as an advertising medium and marketing strategy.

But using video wrongly can have the opposite effect. Many sites add video regardless of content, presentation, quality, and other attributes that contribute to a positive experience for the website visitor. This can damage the image and reputation of your company.


Using web video to advertise your product or service needs to follow the same basic rules and principles as would apply to any other strategy that you would use to advertise your company.


If you do plan on adding video and audio content to your website, here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

  • It must be cost effective.
  • It needs to be fast loading video.
  • There needs to be superior website integration.
  • There needs to be the ability to handle a large volume of simultaneous visitors.
  • The video content needs to be of good quality, resolution and have high production values

Adding video to your own site gives you an online commercial available on demand, 24-7.


But why add video only to your website? Your video can be uploaded to all the well known video sharing websites like YouTube, Yahoo and Google Video. As well as showing your products or services, these videos will also link to your website, giving you valuable incoming boosting Google ranking.

We film onsite, edit, produce, and place your video on a new or existing website.


All videos can also be produced to DVD or encoded and optimized for podcasts.