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With an online store you can sell your products or services from your website. Receive credit card payments using PayPal immediately after a purchase is made.


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Multi Lingual Websites
website design in any language baja california


We can design your web site in any language that is important to your business.


The ISO character based languages like English, Spanish, French, etc. are common to most web designers, however, special character based languages require advanced knowledge and experience to design a search engine friendly web site.


The Unicode languages like, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, etc. require special coding and expertise that is not common to over 95% of all web design services. Each character must be a real character that can be read by the search engines before they can rank your web site.


Your special language pages must be in real text format, not in a graphic file that cannot be read by the search engines.


Our experience will provide you with the correct Unicode text for every page on your web site. This includes the search engine submittal in any language to the most important search engines for a particular country, like Japan, China, or any target country and language of your choice.