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Sell Your Products Online

With an online store you can sell your products or services from your website. Receive credit card payments using PayPal immediately after a purchase is made.


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How We Work
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When you contact us, we will assess your needs and recommend the most efficient and economical method that will insure your needs are met in the most professional and time critical manner.


We work with you in designing or modifying your new or existing website before the work is started. If you have an existing website we examine it together understanding your preferences and how you want the website to look and function. Feel free to ask questions during this process, as the more you understand, the easier our job will be.


After your initial design approval, we place the new work on line with a temporary domain name so you can see the work being developed as we go.  This allows us to make changes early in the development keeping our time more efficient allowing for faster development.


When the temporary website is finished and has your approval, the new website is posted to your existing domain name or we can register a new domain name for you. After posting you will receive a CD with the complete website code. This is your website and you should always have a backup.


We can host, maintain, monitor, and update your new or existing website for you. We do everything in a professional and timely manner knowing that updates are important to your business. Normal updates like text or photos are done within 24 hours. You can relax and know that BajaComp is taking care of your website while you take care of your business.