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Sell Your Products Online

With an online store you can sell your products or services from your website. Receive credit card payments using PayPal immediately after a purchase is made.


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Visual Progress
visual website design Rosarito Baja California


We are the only company that posts your work-in-progress live. Our clients can check in at any time and see your website progress from a live web site.

We will create a temporary domain name and post your website online as it is being developed.

From your temporary website you can evaluate important issues like:

Page download time, background colors, text fonts, page layout, flash graphics, video, and hear sounds or music.

This method gives our clients a real hands on control over how the website is progressing. As we make changes, you will receive a notice via e-mail indicating the new change.

Simply open the website and see if the new changes meet your approval. If not just send us an e-mail with suggestions or comments.

We believe that when our clients can make changes early in the project it saves both time and money.