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Website Basics
website basics in ensenada



As a website owner you should be familiar with the basic process of web site development. We believe that your education into this process is vital before you choose a website design service.


Domain Name Registration:
This is the name that is used to access your web site. You must first choose a name that is not being used, then we submit it for registration.


First you must consult with your designer exchanging information that will determine what your site needs and how it will look.


After the initial design has been approved, the designer must start and finish the coding process. Websites today are coded using HTML, XHTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MYSQL, FLASH, ASP, and CSS. Your webmaster must be experienced using all of these languages.


The website must be thoroughly tested online to determine that:

  • All links to every page are correct and working.
  • The website is cross compatible and displayed correctly in popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
  • The website is cross compatible with different screen resolutions for older and newer computers.
  • If the website has a shopping cart and accepts credit cards, correct SSL security must be active.

SEO - Search engine optimization:
Every page on your website must be optimized for the search engines before it is posted and active.


Hosting Service:
This is where your website resides and should be hosted on fast reliable computers called servers.


When your new website is complete and ready to go, your website must be placed "posted" on your website hosting service.


After your website is optimized and posted, the website must be submitted to the most popular search engines so they can rank the website and determine what position you will hold.


After your website is online and active you will want to make changes and updates. Your webmaster must be available to make timely updates and changes for you.


Your website must be monitored in order to determine that it is always online. Monthly statistical data must be collected and analyzed to know how the website is ranking in the search engines and if necessary changes are made trying to improve your ranking. This is an ongoing process that never ends if the website is to maintain a high position.