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Q. Can we provide every service necessary for my website?
A. Yes, we have the experience to do everything you need to develop host and maintain your website.

Q. Does my website really need to be optimized for the search engines.
A. Yes, if you want your website found during searches and have a high position, optimization is a must. Why have a website if your clients cannot find it?

Q. Do we guarantee a certain position in the search engines for my website.
A. Absolutely no, we do our best with our proven methodology and continue to improve your internet position as time passes. Anyone who guarantees a number 1 or even 40 internet position is not being honest with you.

Q. After I have a good ranking, is it necessary to monitor and optimize my website?
A. Yes, just because you have a good ranking this month does not mean your ranking will not fall. Google recently changed their ranking software, and thousands of high ranking websites completely disappeared. All websites had to be optimized again and re-submitted. Do an internet search for google rankings fall and see the results.

Q. What happens to my website if You disappears?
A. After completion of your website, we give you the complete website code on a CD. With the CD you can always have another webmaster put the website up on another server.




More F A Q will be posted as they arise.