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With an online store you can sell your products or services from your website. Receive credit card payments using PayPal immediately after a purchase is made.


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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
seo search engine optimization in baja california

We provide high ranking search engine placement to help you compete in today’s internet market.

  • Do you have a good search engine rating?
  • Can your potential clients find you when they do searches?
  • Are you registered with the top search engines?

We design or optimize your current website with search engine placement in mind. Each page is designed with expert coding that is search engine friendly.

Our Free limited search engine evaluation will arm you with important information about your website positioning that is critical for your search engine ranking.


Our SEO Methodology:

I do an in-depth evaluation regarding your website, with specific information on choosing the best key phrases, creating great keyword rich marketing text, for Titles and Meta tags, and how to better link your pages internally and externally. My findings are never automated.


This is a complete analysis that I do by very carefully examining your site, its current browser position, and your keyword phrase options. Then optomize:

  1. Problem trouble spots that might impede high internet position for your website;
  2. What the current design needs to help facilitate a higher position;
  3. Extensive copy writing analysis with suggested changes;
  4. Extensive usability user interface evaluation testing and results;
  5. Ideas on which pages might benefit from new text and optimization;
  6. Keyword research through the WordTracker and or KeywordDiscovery database of keywords people use to search the internet for your website;
  7. How to improve your Title tags;
  8. How to improve your Meta description tags;

I will also be happy to answer any other search engine optimization question you can throw at me. Just send an email with any questions.